Wheel Balance


Wheel balance is important for the smooth operation of any vehicle. No tire and wheel assembly weighs the same as any other, so when new tires are installed each wheel assembly will have weight added in precisely the right place to make the wheel spin smoothly. Considering that wheels can turn thousands of times each minute, balance is critical to a smooth, vibration-free ride.

Sometimes, between sets of tires, a wheel may become slightly unbalanced due to tire wear, tire damage, a “lost weight” or even a rock or debris stuck in the tread. It’s good practice to check wheel balance whenever the tires are rotated. Rebalancing at least once in the service life of the tire will definitely extend its tread life.

Decades ago, wheels were balanced off the vehicle with a “bubble balancer”, which gave a good approximation of balance, but didn’t consider the spinning centrifugal force each wheel has when rolling down the road. However, now wheels are spun on “spin balancers” which spins the wheel at high speed to mimic the wheel moving at freeway speeds. This gives a much more accurate balance, which makes your vehicle much smoother, quieter, and enjoyable as you drive.

Correct wheel balance will keep your vehicle rolling smoothly down the road, with minimal tire noise and no vibration. It reduces wear on steering and suspension components, as well as helping to increase the service life of each tire. If your vehicle is vibrating or shaking, bring it in immediately and we’ll check it out!

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