Truck Alignment


Big truck wheel alignment is essential to the safe operation of the truck. It allows the driver to have complete control over steering those huge tires with as little effort as possible. It also gives better tire wear, and will improve fuel mileage greatly over a truck with out-of-spec alignment.

Potholes, large bumps and other road debris, as well as driver error, can cause misalignment to occur. This can create pulling, loss of control or vibrations in the steering wheel, forcing the truck out of service and looking for a shop that can align the biggest road-going trucks.

It is estimated that up to 70% of the trucks on the road are misaligned, and 60% of those needing alignment have worn parts! A proper alignment should happen as part of regularly scheduled maintenance, and whenever new tires are installed.

With our large alignment rack, ready access to truck parts and our top-notch technicians, we’re standing by at-the-ready for you and your truck. At the first sign of an alignment issue, come in and see us. We’ll get to your issues immediately, and have you back out on the road quickly…and safely.

At Anderson Alignment Services, your complete automotive care center in Hutchinson, KS we install only quality replacement parts. Give us a call and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road. We serve Hutchinson and the surrounding areas.

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