Trailer Alignment


What good does it do to align your truck, if the trailer is out of alignment? For the most control, and best fuel mileage the tractor and the trailer must have wheels that track correctly. Misaligned trailer axles and wheels will have the same problems as misaligned tractor front wheels...excess tire wear, pulling to one side, excessive bearing wear, reduced fuel mileage, and an inability for the driver to maintain control. It will also cause feathering in the tractor’s front steering wheels, resulting in the need for tires much sooner than expected. It’s very dangerous!

Instead of the wear and damage to the trailer that will occur with bad alignment, invest in a trailer alignment. We start by finding the trailer’s centerline, and then each axle and wheel is adjusted to track parallel to that line. We use only the finest new alignment equipment for both your truck and trailer, and our technicians know the “ins and outs” of heavy-duty vehicle adjustment.

Drive safely, comfortably, and efficiently by having ALL of your wheels tracking together. You’ll save money on parts and adjustments; you’ll save time with reduced repair downtime, and you’ll save fuel each and every mile!

At Anderson Alignment Services, your complete automotive care center in Hutchinson, KS we install only quality replacement parts. Give us a call and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road. We serve Hutchinson and the surrounding areas.

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