We have our vehicles so we can jump in and go somewhere...but once we get close, it’s important to stop there! Your brakes are located on each wheel, and they use friction to slow the rotational energy of the wheels so you can slow down and stop where desired. They are complex systems using hydraulic fluid, mechanical parts, computer controls, friction material, and electrical sensors. Some systems on hybrid vehicles also use generators on each wheel to put power back into the battery pack when slowing the vehicle to a stop.

Brake pads and rotors take a massive amount of abuse, as they are the main component that turns the rotational energy into heat. This means that these parts are designed to wear out over time, so it’s important to inspect your brakes regularly...usually at every tire rotation or anytime the wheels of your vehicle are removed.

Complete Brake Inspections

  • Measurement of rotor wear
  • Measurement of front and rear brake pad wear
  • Measurement of drum wear
  • E-brake inspection

Throughout the inspection, we'll let you know if your vehicle needs further brake services such as:

  • Brake fluid change
  • Resurfacing or replacement of rotors or drums
  • Installation of new brake pads
  • Brake bleeding or replacement of brake lines and hoses, and other brake components

The safety of your vehicle for you and your family is our number 1 concern, so when it comes to brake issues, we’ll stop at nothing to be sure your braking system is working effectively.

I want to hear from you if you have any questions, or are not satisfied with any part of the service experience. Please call us if you need an appointment, or to let me know about the quality of your experience. It’s my goal and responsibility to provide you with the very best service and vehicle care possible!

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